Underfloor heating board IsoFlex

If you need to supplement your foundation with underfloor heating, BEWI's underfloor heating board is the obvious choice.

A unique board that is faster and easier to work with

If you’re supplementing the foundation with underfloor heating, the IsoFlex heating board makes the job quicker and easier. The board is placed as a top layer in the foundation. The conical raised parts make it easy to attach the floor heating hose in the desired pattern without any attachments. The raised parts also work as reinforcement spaces, i.e. the reinforcement is placed directly on the board. The floor heating board is moulded in EPS Grey and has a special rim that fixes the boards to each other, which minimizes the risk of thermal bridges.


20% better insulation

The grey colour of EPS Grey is achieved by adding graphite, which improves insulation performance by 20% compared to traditional white EPS. The closed cells of EPS Grey trap air within the material. The trapped air is a poor conductor of heat, which slows down the transfer of heat. The result is a warmer indoor climate and increased energy efficiency. EPS Grey is moisture resistant and protects against cold, wind and mould.


100% recyclable

EPS Grey is 100% recyclable and at BEWI we collect, compress and extrude used EPS and reuse it as raw material for new EPS. It’s a closed-loop that saves natural resources, minimize waste, lowers CO2 emissions and water use.



Quick and easy assembly

The unique board and makes the work both quick and easy

Saves time and money

Great for the wallet and the environment.

Warm inside

Improved indoor climate with heated floors

No extra fastnings

The conical elevations holds the heating hose inplace