Insulation board XPS - Straight edge

XPS insulation with high compressive strength, high moisture resistance and excellent protection against heat and frost

High performance insulation

Straight edge board for insulation of foundations, base floors, basement walls, floors, walls, inverted roofs, yards, streets, ramps, water and drain pipes, railways, etc.
XPS has closed cells, which makes the board resistant to heat transfer and frost. It also has high moisture resistance, for use in both dry and damp spaces.

The board sustains its high compressive strength, insulation properties and moisture resistance for years and years. Can be recycled.

Available in three compressive strengths and 30-120 mm thickness.

XPS 300
– foundation, base floor
– walls, roofs
– courtyards, roads and parking areas

XPS 400
– foundation, base floor
– ground work, traffic
– yard areas supporting heavy loads

XPS 500
– heavy-weight infrastructure
– nonstop heavy loads or singular very heavy loads
– roads and foundations for railways or railway yards


Excellent insulation

Resistant to heat transfer and frost

High moisture resistance

Closed cell structure keeps water out

High compressive strength

Suitable for everything from foundations to railway yards


Can be recycled