Drainageboard EPS

In today's homes, the basement is used in a different way than before. It is often used as a living area and then higher demands are placed on thermal insulation and comfort.

The basement walls can be insulated either externally or internally. Exterior insulation provides the driest wall and is therefore the best solution. But it is important that the insulation material is draining and open to diffusion so that water and moisture can be transported away unhindered. The material allows you to raise the temperature in the basement without worrying about the increasing moisture load on the outer wall.

Drainageboard S80 with non-woven fabric

The drainageplate allows the moisture from inside the house to come out, at the same time as the moisture from outside is stopped. The foundation wall becomes dry and warm, which gives a better indoor climate. The board has a special seam that simplifies assembly, in addittion it minimizes the risk of cold bridges and cold drains. The glued non-woven fabric prevents the backfill material from clogging the drainage grooves and guarantees the function of the drainage board.

Drainageboard S80 / S200

BEWI drainageboard is a foam board specially designed for drainage, moisture and thermal insulation of basement walls.

The drainage board is a grooved EPS board that should be provided with non-woven fabric to prevent backfill material from clogging the drainage groves. For depths over 2.5 meters, the S200 is used, for smaller depths, the S80 can be used.

  • Diffusion open
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Increased comfort



Specification Standard Unit With woven-fabric S80 S200
Compressive strengthEN 826kPa8080200
Permissible long-term load at 2% deformation (nominal load)EN 1606kPa242460
λD declared valueEN 13164W/mK0,0380380,034
Water absorption, immersedEN 12087Vol%0,5-4,00,5-4,00,5-4,0
Length extension coefficient 10-6 m/m0C707070
Max. Temp. 808080
Fire propertiesEN 13501-1 FFF
Relative water vapor resistanceEN 10456u factor   
Tolerance Length and widthEN 822mm+- 0,6%+- 0,6%+- 0,6%
Tolerance Thickness (class)EN 823mm+- 2+- 2+- 2
Tolerance FlatnessEN 824mm/m151515
Tolerance Right angleEN 825mm/m+ 5+ 5+ 5