The baseboard units have been constructed so that you can easily build a safe and sustainable foundation.


Used at flat shaft bottom for residential and industrial foundations. Ideal for underfloor heating systems. Both the corners and the straight units are molded in one piece in S200 quality. Fully cast with tongue and groove for easy joining. Grooved bottom. Extension part for energy-efficient constructions and inner-corners as an option. If you need to cut to turn a special angle, there are degree marks marked in the unit. Thoughtful and user-friendly, quite simply.

  • Molded in heights from 300mm to 600mm
  • Energy adapted
  • Flexible
  • Wide bottom
  • Two types of concreteboard, Standard and Premium

Area of use:

  • Villas
  • Garage
  • Holiday home
  • Industrial Halls
  • Storehouse
  • Multi-storey house


Description Art nr Length Hight Thick. side Thick. bottom No. / Pallet m / Pallet
L-unit 300/600-100L32V12003001001002530,0
L-unit 400/600-100L42V12004001001002428,8
L-unit 500/600-100L52V12005001001002428,8
L-unit 600/600-100L62V595 x 5956001001002428,8
L-corner 300/600-100H32V595 x 59530010010024 
L-corner 400/600-100H42V595 x 59540010010020 
L-corner 500/600-100H52V595 x 59550010010016 
L-corner 600/600-100H62V595 x 59560010010016 
L-unit 300/600-100L32VP12003001001002530,0
L-L-unit 400/600-100L42VP12004001001002428,8
L-L-unit 500/600-100L52VP12005001001002428,8
L-L-unit 600/600-100L62VP595 x 5956001001002428,8
L-L-corner 300/600-100H32VP595 x 59530010010024 
L-L-corner 400/600-100H42VP595 x 59540010010020 
L-L-corner 500/600-100H52VP595 x 59550010010016 
L-L-corner 600/600-100H62VP595 x 59560010010016 
Locking wedgeKILV      
Extension part energy houseTOPPV