Automotive & Components

Whether you’re looking for a partner to co-innovate with or need a manufacturer of advanced EPP components, we have the knowledge and capacity to meet your needs. We continually work with leading companies within their fields, and we’re wired to see possibilities and find solutions to complex challenges.

Our team works with you through the entire product development process. BEWI’s long experience ensures quality and reliability in manufacturing, while offering pioneering sustainability solutions. The full width and depth of our operation is ready for you when you’re ready to scale up.

Products and tools

We continually develop custom made tools and components for the automotive and logistics industries. Our designers and engineers are at your service and have the skill to meet the highest demands. The culture at BEWI includes striving for new knowledge, laying the foundation for innovation. We’re happy to take part in research projects and cooperate with scientists and larger teams.


Our services include EPP product design with CAD software, and we offer our expertise to consult and collaborate with you from start to finish. Our expertise in 3D modeling and optimization ensures that we achieve the highest packing density possible. By working with clients from various industries, we have experience from all kinds of challenges and have gathered knowledge on how to efficiently take on new ones.


To avoid the risk of making early phase mistakes with potential costly consequences, we offer prototyping for all kinds of projects. The combination of our CAD software, milling plotter and senior specialists, we can quickly make a prototype for your project. This way, we can find potential problems and fix them before large investments are made, paving the way for a smooth implementation process.



With our experience, flexibility and large scale moulding operation, you can rely on our ability to meet your needs, deliver on time and at the highest quality. We use several well tested software programs and monitor each step of the moulding process with specialized software to guarantee the precision and quality. Sustainability is at our core, and therefore we carefully plan each project to minimize waste. This leads to further benefits to you in terms of a faster process and lower costs.

Tool production

Get access to both a specialized machining team and our state of the art machines, that meet requirements for the most complex details no matter the material. Our specialists are with you every step of the way and take responsibility for the quality of the tool itself and its service.