Flat Roof

We tailor flat roof insulation solutions to your specific requirements

Let’s make sure you get a flat roof solution that meets your requirements in terms of quality, carrying capacity, waterproofing and fixing



Cheap, easy to handle and install


Peace of mind

Specific products for various applications ensure optimal functionality


Superior insulating properties

Cellular foam insulates on a level of its own


One size doesn’t fit all

Our wide range of flat roof solutions guarantees that you get just what you need

We’ve got you covered

Our range of flat roof solutions are carefully designed for the specific conditions that a flat roof entails. They have been tested for a long time in many different climates and applications. The bottom line is that they are reliable and perform as intended for years to come. Our products are flexible and can be adjusted to your project’s specific requirements for a perfect fit and long, trouble-free life.

The savings

Cellular foam insulation can save you money in more ways than a lower price. It’s quick and easy to install, which saves time. Our flat roof products can be combined with almost all kinds of roof coverings and rule out the problem with thermal bridges, which improves heating economy. Finally, the material insulates extremely well, lowering heating costs while offering an improved environmental profile.

Increased comfort

The insulating properties of cellular foam provide a stable indoor climate. It leads to low-temperature movements and condensation, which prevents humidity, mould, dust, noise and air pollution. The material’s potency means that it takes less space, leading to increased living space.


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