Insulation board EPS

Ultimate insulation of foundations, roofs, floors och facades

Insulation boards with S60-S300 compressive strength. First grade protection against cold, wind, moisture and mould. Available with straight or creased edge.

The boards have low weight, strong compressive strength and are quick and easy to use. EPS also has high moisture resistance and provides good protection against cool wind, moisture and mould.



Thermal insulation

Keeps out cold, wind, moisture and mould

Lower heating costs

Helps you lower energy consumption

Light and strong

Light and strong


EPS is 100% recyclable

Perfect for foundations

EPS insulations boards have a number of advantages for foundations. They minimise problems with moisture and mould and lower your heating costs. And they are easy to work with.

Our boards are ideal when you need high compressive strength and long-term thermal performance.

Up on the roof

Our insulation boards are light and both fast and easy to work with. You can walk on them and combine them with almost any roofing.

The right roof insulation increases living space and eliminates problems with cold bridges. It also lowers the need for insulation around the floor structure and supplies air to the eaves.

BEWI EPS works on any surface and gives you first-rate protection against problems with moisture or mould. Using our products will make you feel safe when it’s time for the final inspection.

You can walk on the EPS boards during construction and they can handle rain showers without losing their properties.

The roof is the wrong place to cut costs. The additional cost of first-class insulation is insignificant and you’ll get the money back on the heating bill, especially with today’s energy prices.

Superior floor insulation

EPS is an excellent material for floor insulation, especially in subfloors, where moisture often creeps in. Another advantage is that the EPS is applied directly on the surface, so you’ll avoid cold bridges and other discomforts.

BEWI EPS can be used below the floor, which keeps it dry and warm and nice to walk on. By insulating with EPS underneath the floor structure in suspended timber floors you’ll lower the risk of moisture and mould in the crawl space.

Outside and inside facades

Our EPS insulation boards work as both weather-boards and thermal insulation. They can be used in new constructions and renovations and together with plaster. They are applied on the wall with fasteners.