PIR roof panels

Roof panels with the polyisocyanurate (PIR) rigid foam core show excellent thermal insulation properties, thus allowing to decrease panel thickness.
Thinner panels directly transfer to lower transportation and installation costs. Roof panels made with PIR core are the choice for buildings with very high thermal performance requirements. BalPol pays special attention to product quality, therefore multi-layer panels are manufactured under ISO 9001 quality standards, quality control is performed according to EN 14509, and panels are tested in modern European fire research institutes. Additionally, we offer to our customers galvanized or stainless steel screws for mounting panels to metal, wood or concrete constructions, as well as decorative flashings according to the client’s chosen colour.

Technical parameters

Panel name


External metal sheet thickness


Panel lenght


Panel width

done 1000 mm

Internal metal sheet thickness

done 0,4-0,6 mm (Steel S280GD)

Available steel coatings

done PE, PVDF, PUR/PA, Foodsafe

Properties by panel thickness

Thickness (mm) 40 80 100 120 150
Core density (kg/m3)4040404040
U-value (W/m2·K)0.550.
Weight (kg/m2)*11.412.813.614.415.6
Reaction to fireB-s3, d0B-s3, d0B-s2, d0B-s2, d0B-s2, d0
Fire resistance --REI30REI30REI30

*Panel weight depends on metal sheet thickness, declared weight is with 0.5 mm metal sheet thickness
All properties are declared in accordance with EN 14509:2013 and related standards.

Coatings and colours

Coating Corrosion and UV resistance acc.
to EN 10169:2010+A1:2012
Polyester, standard PE, 20-25 µm RC3, RUV3
PVDF, 2 layers, 28-35 µm RC4, RUV4
Polyurethane/Polyamide (PUR/PA), 45-55 µm RC5, RUV4
Foodsafe, 120-150 µm CPI5
*Other coatings available
Standard colours

RAL 9010

RAL 7035

RAL 7040

RAL 9002

RAL 9006

RAL 9007

RAL 7024

RAL 1015

RAL 1021

RAL 3011

RAL 8017

RAL 6020

RAL 5010

RAL 7016

RAL 9005

*Other colours available

Design tools

Boost your productivity by automating cladding and flashing design in Revit projects with BEWI BIM models.
Put technical designing work in the generation of cladding in Revit to the hands of this tool and do most of the work automatically.

  • Generates wall cladding from standard Revit walls
  • Splits cladding into equal intervals, by grids or by walls
  • Allows to use wall configurator to build preferred wall type
  • Generates hand-editable walls
  • Works with present walls so one can plan new walls accordingly
  • Presents full details for required support profiles, gaskets, etc.; profiling and connections are very detailed
  • Generates required flashings, including internal socle
  • Calculates necessary quantities and forms price request
  • Allows to modify preferred panel length
  • In English, Lithuanian and Russian
  • And other features.

Works with Autodesk Revit© 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.



  • Tapes to seal between panels and structures
  • Aluminium-butyl tape for hydroisolation between socle and thermo profile
  • Low expansion mounting foam


We offer standard flashings to decorate sandwich panels and non – standard flashings up to 3 meters in length. Balpol will supply all the required flashings for the project to match the panels colour.