A stable foundation makes the construction process smoother and improves the end result
Foundation solutions

In addition to their exact fit, our foundations protect against moisture and offer superior heat-insulating qualities


Easy to work with

Low weight and high measurement accuracy save time and transport emissions.


Made to fight the elements

Our foundation units stand up to moisture and provide a comfortable indoor climate.



Made with precision for a perfect fit


Made from recycled material

We can offer high quality products made from recycled EPS

Over-dimensioning is sustainable

In most cases, that’s not true at all. But it is when it comes to foundations, as the extra insulation offers superior performance and saves energy in the long run. We’ve supported people and companies in their foundation projects for over 20 years and are happy to discuss the best solution for your project.

Precision saves time and money

With our products, you won’t scratch your head and curse us because the boards don’t fit. Our manufacturing allows high measurement accuracy that we control before sending the products to you. At the site, they will fit together and help you keep up the pace of your project.


Our GreenLine productrange is made of 100% recycled EPS

We collect and recycle used EPS and use it as raw material in new products, the recycled material has the same properties and benefits as virgin EPS. GreenLine product range is ideal in the insulation and construction sector, and the products can be recycled again and again.

We aim to close the loop and deliver sustainable solutions that’ll help you reach your sustainability targets. We’re a partner for clients and suppliers and work to find a model for both deliveries and recycling.


We have the products you need, when you need them