Superior strength, moisture resistant floor insulation solutions

EPS and XPS are superior for floor insulation thanks to their compressive strength, powerful insulation capability and moisture protection


No thermal bridges

Our boards are designed to be placed directly on the ground.


Lower the risk of moisture and mould problems

The floorboards keep moisture out and contribute to a level and dry indoor climate.


Made from waste

We collect and recycle used EPS to make new products from it.

Lightweight with a punch

The lightweight of EPS makes it easy to work with, not to mention to transport. But don’t let the low weight fool you, as the insulation capabilities are unmatched, and the material also offers high compressive strength as well as protection from both moisture and fire.

Applicable both over and under

When you place our floorboards below the floor, you automatically avoid moisture problems and exclude thermal bridges and cold discomfort. But you can also place our floorboards right below the top floor, which offers a dry and warm floor that’s comfortable to walk on.

Recycled Inside

We can offer recycled floorboards made from recycled material. As we control the entire chain from collecting to recycling and manufacturing we can guarantee quality. It’s a step in the right direction, and we’re keeping busy working on our next step in the direction of a circular economy.


The products you need, when you need them