Thin wall packaging

High-quality and flexible thin wall solutions for a wide range of applications
Thin wall packaging

Get ahead with BEWI’s high-performance thin wall plastic solutions available with top-quality visuals. Our thin-walled packaging offers cost-effective and sustainable alternatives to traditional packaging materials, lowers transport costs and increases logistic efficiency



Useable for a wide range of applications and we’re happy to find new ones together with you



Low cost, easy to store, reduced weight and a host of other benefits


Thin but strong

The material is both stiff and resilient to impact


We deliver

BEWI factories are spread all over Europe for reliable delivery

A compelling combination

With our thin wall packaging, you get excellent material performance while reducing weight. At the same time, you can enjoy compliance with the most demanding health and safety regulations. And although the material is thin, it’s still strong. That’s important because it lets you stack like you want, which in turn leads to lower transport and storage costs.

Looking good

On top of complying with regulations, brand owners enjoy the design possibilities we offer. We can meet even the most complex design demands in regards to resolution, quality and longevity. Important stuff when it comes to choosing packaging, as it’s a qualitative point of contact with the customer. Our designers are happy to work together with you to realise your ideas to the letter.

Many options and reliable delivery

You can choose from a wide range of off the shelf products that can be delivered immediately or just in time. We have sites all over Europe and a large, reliable operation that you can lean on to keep your business supplied without unexpected stops.

Right products at the right time

We have the products you need, when you need them