Fruit & Vegetables

The ideal choice for transporting soft fruit and vegetables
Fruit & vegetables

Make sure that your fruits and vegetables arrive as if they’ve just been picked. Choose food packaging with the optimal properties for your produce


Reap the benefits of the highest level of protection

Our packaging has very high shock absorbency and compressive strength


Resistant to moisture and rot

Give your fresh produce the best conditions possible


Exceptional insulation

Combine with cooling agents to get unmatched insulation for produce that needs to be kept cold.


A pile of choices

Find what you need in our wide range of packaging solutions for produce

Keep it cool and whole

We understand that it’s crucial for you that your produce arrives in the best condition possible. Blows and shocks can make them look less appealing, which is why we have put a lot of effort into minimizing that risk. We make packaging from materials with high compressive strength and smart designs that keep your produce in shape.

Rot protection

The materials we use don’t absorb moisture, which means a great deal when packaging fresh produce. Many vegetables and fruits are sensitive to moisture, which makes our food packaging the ideal choice.

We’ll make it the way you want it

You can choose from a wide range of off the shelf products that can be delivered immediately or just in time. But we don’t stop there – if you have wishes that are not met by our standard range, our experienced design team is happy to work with you and show the potential of our material and industry knowledge.

Right products at the right time

We have the products you need, when you need them