The sustainable pallet system for the future

Reduce your shipping costs and save both time and weight in one blow


Seven additional boxes per PMC

That means an extra 175 kg per PMC, fewer aircraft and a reduction in your CO2 footprint of around 5%


Handling and preparation time reduced by 70%

With our pallets, reloading is no longer required. You save time and limit damages to your products


Lower weight

30% lower weight compared to wooden pallets


Improved quality

Lift the pallets with a forklift to avoid the lid-opening of conventional lifting devices that lets out dry ice gas and raises the temperature inside

Increase your operating income

There isn’t one revolutionary benefit to reap from our pallet system. There are many smaller ones, but together they add up to a significant business advantage. They optimise space and let you send seven additional 25 kg boxes, which can be loaded in advance to save time and weigh 30% less than wood. They’re designed to be lifted with a forklift, which offers an efficient pallet flow and reduces labour costs. The forklift also avoids lid-opening, affecting quality for temperature-sensitive goods such as fish and seafood. The bottom line is that our pallet system raises your operating income.

Better quality

You can let the forklift do the lifting, reducing breakage and ensuring more of your products arrive unharmed at their destination. The stability when loading your boxes on the PMC is also greatly improved, reducing the risk for damages. We have also made the corners of the pallets round to ensure no dirt gets stuck.

More sustainable

If you decide to go with our pallets, you’ll become more efficient while also reducing the burden on the planet. Much of the savings for you and the planet arise from the same areas, such as fewer aircraft needed and smoother handling flows, as well as fewer damages.

We have what you need

The products for faster, more reliable and sustainable logistics