Circular Cups/Pail

Multi-purpose thin wall packaging

The cost-efficient alternative to traditional packaging, for lower transport costs and smoother logistics

Thin-walled, sturdy solutions that minimize packaging weight without compromising on food and consumer regulations – all solutions are food approved.

The pails are versatile and can be used for different products. They have excellent top-loading performance, high stackability and first-class nesting properties for easy storage and transport, which will help you lower costs.

The BEWI pail has handles that make it easy to carry, load and unload.

The transparent grade with low-temperature impact is ideal for the deep freeze.

We work to keep raw materials in the loop for as long as possible, to reduce the total use of raw materials. The circular pails and cups are hygienic, washable and can be re-used over and over again.

Other colours are available on request. Lids are also available.



Thin walled

Minimizes packaging weight


For easy storage and transport


Lower transport costs and smoother logistics


Ideal for deep freeze

Variations - Circular Cups/Pail

BEWI Cup 1.2 L 3010 Thin wall food packaging (rugged design)
BEWI Pail 2.7 L 3020 Transparent grade with low-temperature impact, especially for transparent deep freeze packaging.
BEWI Pail 5.7 L 3060


Art. no. Product name Stock/Request Ext. dimension (cm) Weight (kg) Pcs. per pallet
3010BEWI Cup 1.2 lRequesth 14.2 nd top/ bottom 12.7/10.50.04 kg2592
3012Lid for cup 3010Requestnd 12.70.01 kg-
3020BEWI Pail 2.7 lStockh 13.4 nd top/ bottom 19.2/16.20.083 kg864
3022Lid for 3020Stocknd 190.028 kg8640
3060BEWI Pail 5.7 lStockh20 ndtop/bottom 22.6/18.80.19 kg420
3062Lid for 3060Stocknd 22.50.038 kg4200

Other colours on request.

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