Smart ways to stack, store and deliver food

Find new, smart ways to handle food and produce in the kitchen and solutions to make sure your food arrives as delicious as you intended


High quality arrival

Our catering boxes keeps your food fresh and at the right temperature


Smart solutions

Find new efficient ways to store and handle food and produce with our robust boxes


Just the box you need

Find what you need in our wide range of stocked boxes


We deliver

BEWI factories are spread all over Europe and you can rely on getting the products you need when you need them

We eat with the eyes first

Make sure the first impression of your food is the best possible with our catering boxes. They let you make a professional statement and are carefully designed to protect your food from shocks. They will also keep the temperature where you want it all the way to the customer. The sum of it all is that your customer will get the best experience possible of what you’ve carefully made.

Delivering food is no pick-nick

Getting cold food is disappointing. The people who deliver know this, why they often feel rushed to deliver as soon as possible. That leads to risk-taking in traffic, which is dangerous. Our catering boxes are made from EPS, a material made from thousands of small beads filled with air. They’re outstanding at keeping the temperature, which lets your delivery people relax a bit on their way to your customer.

Smarter handling and storing

By combining our experiences from all industries we work with, we can offer robust boxes for kitchens and food storage. They save space due to their ability to stack and tolerate heavy loads. They’re easy to handle with comfortable handles right where you expect them to be and easily fit together. Perfect to store delicate produce or cold dishes waiting to be served


We’re one of Europe’s largest providers of EPS. But we also offer products in several additional materials. That means you can rely on us for your entire packaging requirements. The benefits for you is a partner that understands you and can be proactive, savings in transport costs and a boost to your sustainability profile due to optimised transport.

Right products at the right time

We have the products you need, when you need them