Environmentally friendly packaging based on natural products

Honeycomb Cellpack packaging is made from a combination of kraft liner and a core with a cell structure – hence the name honeycomb

The panels are strong, lightweight and have a minimal impact on the environment. We punch and cut them to size to fit exactly the demands of our customers.


75% Compressible


100% Recycable


100% Biodegradable

The furniture industry

Our customers in the furniture industry use packaging from Honeycomb when their products must be secured against shocks and impacts in the packing process. Often by using standard panels, blocks etc. which are placed next to or between the products to fix and protect them.

The shock-absorbing packaging can enclose the whole product, edges and corners and can be used for stabilising in and between boxes with furniture parts.

We have developed several unique solutions for designer furniture which require special protection and packing.

Corner and edge protection

By using honeycomb (Møllecell) with punch, slit or squeeze, we can find solutions to protect corners and edges against shock during transport.

As with our other solutions, we can easily adapt corner and edge protection according to special requirements.

The punched edge protection keeps itself in place and is shock-absorbing from impacts. The fastening of the knock down corners is – just like the knock down corner itself – designed to hold itself.


The lighting company Louis Poulsen uses packaging from Honeycomb for several of their lamps. Here, we are dealing with quite unique die-cut solutions which fix and shock-absorb – and at the same time, they are easy to dispose of for the end-user.

The packaging for Louis Poulsen’s Enigma lamp is punched in different levels in order to keep the various parts of the lamp separated during transport.

One part of the packaging is made with white kraft liner. Furthermore, Louis Poulsen has decided to place the parts of the lamp in a thin protective bag in order to avoid scratches.

The packaging is recyclable, biodegradable and compressible.


Honeycomb has endless possibilities – we design the solution for each individual customer.

One example is this packaging of 16 lithium batteries in order to gain an approval for transportation in a passenger plane.

The batteries may explode if they are exposed to impact, friction or sources of ignition. Therefore, a fixing packaging which fits into a metal bucket was developep in Honeycomb. The bucket itself is also protected by honeycomb panels before it is placed in a cardboard box.

The total weight is kept under 2.4 kg which is the maximum weight per box.


Honeycomb is suitable for a number of packaging solutions for hydraulics, pumps, thermostats etc. Very often, we can reduce costs by developing packaging which may be used for several item numbers.

In this way, we do not only reduce costs – we also ensure healthy finances because the packaging is easy to dispose of and up to 75 per cent compressible.


Honeycomb is suitable for packaging solutions for the protection of pipes or complete components/machines. As edge protection in boxes or for stacking on pallets.

For the protection of pipe ends, we have developed a special solution which we call a Celledut.

We manufacture the Celledut in panels with nine units; from here they can be pushed out and are now ready for use. The Celledut can of course be made in different sizes according to the requirements of the customer.


Our universal wine packaging is manufactured so that it can be used for the packaging of various different bottle types.

Because the honeycomb material is a little flexible and can be squeezed/changed by hand, it is possible to place different bottle types in the packaging, e.g. Bordeaux, Burgundy or Champagne. In other words, you will only need one item number for the different bottles.

The packaging is used as a top/bottom packaging where you will only need to tape the two parts together before transportation. This packaging form may be reused or composted with about 75 per cent after use. It protects the wine from shock and heavy variations in temperature and, at the same time, it is a financially wise choice.

Packing, buffer zones and transport

Honeycomb panels as well as open cell material are suitable for leveling pallets, filling buffer zones and protecting fragile material during transport.

Our product range Cellflex has been slit in turns on each side. This makes it possible to turn, flip over, cut off and fold it as required in order to obtain an optimal pallet leveling and reduce transport damages.

Cellflex is ideally suited for pallet leveling as it is easy to handle and tailor to measurement

We manufacture Cellflex in minimum 16 mm – in cell sizes that give the strength needed.

We manufacture and cut to size the open cell so that the wave may be both along and across the panel. This is of significant importance according to its use and in which direction you wish to break it off.

Pallet frames, wrap, fillers, etc.

We manufacture lightweight pallet frames with a strong carrying capacity and which are easy to handle. An ideal solution to container transportation, for instance.

We also manufacture honeycomb for wrap which may be used on pallets as protection around products or as lining for cardboard boxes.

Exhibitions/Trade fairs

The honeycomb material can be used for producing unique materials for exhibitions and trade fairs. We have built sets of shelves, tables, shelves and a lot of other things – everything lightweight, strong and with an environmentally friendly message.

Please remember that all our products are recyclable, biodegradable and compressible.

This is clearly an advantage after the trade fair when you must dispose of the exhibition material or store it at a remote warehouse or the like.