Biological and naturally degradable protective packaging

Honeycomb packaging is made from a combination of kraft liner and a core with a cell structure

The panels are strong, lightweight and have a minimal impact on the environment. We punch and cut them to the exact size to meet the demands of our customers.


75% Compressible

Saves space, money and the environment


100% Recycable

Use and reuse over and over again


100% Biodegradable

Environmentally friendly packaging based on natural products

The furniture industry

We offer customers in the furniture industry a wide range of options to protect delicate products. Honeycomb is outstanding at securing furniture against shocks and impacts during the packing process, with standard panels and blocks. They are placed next to or between products to fix and protect them.

Honeycomb can also be made to enclose the entire product or be designed to stabilize in and between boxes with furniture part. On top of all this, we have developed unique solutions for designer furniture that require special protection and packaging. And we’re happy to tailor Honeycomb to your needs.

Corner and edge protection

We have many smart solutions to protect corners and edges against shock during transport. We use techniques such as punch, slit and squeeze and are happy to develop custom designs together with you.

Lamps and lightning

Sensitive and with awkward shapes, lamps and lighting often demand unique die-cut solutions that fix them and absorb shock well. We have long experience from such work and do it daily for customers in the lamp and lighting business. The packaging solutions can become complex, but our designs make it easy for the consumer to dispose of the packaging.

Get in touch to discuss your needs and we’ll find the best solution for you.


For electronics, we design the solution for each customer. An example of such a partnership is the design of an approved solution to ship 16 lithium batteries on a passenger plane. The challenge was that the batteries may explode if they’re exposed to impact, friction or sources of ignition.

We developed a fixing packaging designed to fit in a metal bucket, that in turn was protected by Honeycomb panels. It was then placed inside a cardboard box.

Hydraulics, pumps and valves

We can often reduce costs by developing packaging that can be used for several items. This way, we don’t only reduce costs – we also ensure healthy finances as the packaging is easy to dispose of and compressible up to 75%.


Honeycomb is an attractive choice for protecting pipes as well as complete components and machines. It’s also effective as edge protection inside boxes or for stacking pallets. For the protection of pipe ends, we have a special solution that we call Celledut. It can be made in different sizes to match your needs.

Bottles, glass and ceramics

With our universal wine packaging, you can safely send wine and champagne without restrictions. The packaging is designed for universal use and can be adjusted by hand, fitting most bottles and offer them the highest level of protection.

The packaging is used as top-bottom packaging, which means that all you have to do is tape the two parts together before transport. The packaging not only protects from shock but also temperature variations.

Packing, buffer zones and transport

Honeycomb panels, as well as open-cell material, are suitable for levelling pallets, filling buffer zones and protecting fragile material during transport. Our product range Cellflex has been slit in turns on each side. This makes it possible to turn, flip, cut and fold the material as required in order to obtain an optimal pallet levelling and reduce transport damages.

Cellflex is ideally suited for pallet levelling as it is easy to handle and tailor to measurements. We manufacture Cellflex in minimum of 16 mm cell sizes that provide the required strength.

Pallet frames, wraps and fillers

We manufacture lightweight pallet frames with a strong carrying capacity. That they’re also easy to handle make them an ideal solution for container transportation.

We also manufacture honeycomb for wrapping, which may be used on pallets as protection around products or as lining for cardboard boxes.

Exhibitions and trade fairs

Honeycomb is versatile and easy to work with, making it ideal for the production of unique materials for exhibitions and trade fairs. To give some examples, we have designed and built sets of shelves, tables and many more custom solutions. The material is suitable for everything that needs to be lightweight, strong and environmentally friendly.

That all our products are fully recyclable, biodegradable and compressible is an advantage especially for trade fairs, when exhibition material needs to be stored or disposed of.