Stackable Boxes

Durable, smart and flexible stackable boxes that protect their content and save space
Stackable boxes

Get well thought out stackable solutions that save time and money


For all intents and purposes

With BEWI, you can choose from a myriad of stackable containers optimised for all thinkable contents.


Handles where you want them

We design our products to be easy to lift and stack


Durable and hygienic

Rely on sturdy construction and clever drainage solutions


Made to be remade

The boxes can be used over and over until finally, we recycle them to make new ones

You know best

When you try us, you’ll find that our boxes are easy to deal with. Handles are where you’d expect them to be, and they’re easy to stack. You’ll also find that they can handle the intended weight and won’t keep water that may harm your goods. We like to think we have our stubbornness to thank for it. We want to constantly improve, and the only logical thing to do, we’ve concluded, is to ask our customers how to make our boxes better. So please don’t hesitate to get in touch to tell us a thing or two.

Protect your goods and save space

The material that stackable boxes are made of is very durable and resilient. That offers you a higher level of protection for the products that you have stored in them. At the same time, stackable boxes really save a lot of space that you can instead use for other purposes. That saved space is nice to enjoy in a warehouse, but even more so in transport situations. Here, these boxes will save you money and the environment from unnecessary emissions.

Lessen the burden on the planet

Our stackable boxes are made to last, and they do. You can use them over and over again, and that kind of durability is itself a relief for the environment. In addition to this, we’re setup to recycle the boxes we make when eventually their time is up.

We have what you need

The products for faster, more reliable and sustainable storage solutions