The recyclable packaging and insulation material favoured by the automotive, HVAC and other industries for its energy absorption, impact resistance, lightness and both acoustic and thermal insulation
Expanded Polypropylene

Our EPP solutions are used for applications in the car industry and in complex solutions for HVAC components. We also produce EPP transport packaging for cameras, instruments, electronics and other high-precision products


Energy absorption

Protects against shocks and restores its shape after impact



Can be moulded to fit any component perfectly for optimal protection


Low weight

Ultralight EPP means a significant weight reduction of the end product



EPP is 100% recyclable

What is EPP?

Expanded polypropylene, EPP, is a closed-cell thermoplastic foam with a product density that can be tailored to each application or purpose. EPP has superior energy absorption, high resilience and good thermal insulation properties. It hardly absorbs any water, is resistant to chemicals and oil and it’s easy to clean.

Let's go for a ride

EPP is used for a number of applications in the automotive industry, since it’s an excellent energy absorbent, improves acoustics and can replace other materials to reduce weight.

EPP has the ability to restore its shape, even after multiple impacts. It’s often used as energy absorption in bumpers, door pillows, side collision protection, neck protection and in the dashboard.

We also produce EPP toolboxes, child seats and returnable dunnage (the packaging used to protect goods during transport) for the car industry. There is also growing demand for recycled EPP parts and we work together with a number of carmakers to make greater use of recycled plastic.


A sustainable choice

EPP is extremely light and adds almost no weight to the finished product, which allows for lighter cargo loads and lowers fuel emissions.

EPP is 100% recyclable and at BEWI we seek to collect used EPP in order to reuse it as raw material for new EPP. It’s a closed-loop that saves natural resources, minimize waste, lowers CO2 emissions and water use.

Any shape or form

EPP is the material of choice in custom made packaging for technical components, since it can be moulded into almost any shape or form to fit the components perfectly for optimal protection.

Its specific properties, such as dimensional stability, dimensioning and favourable material properties also make it popular for everything from bicycle helmets to flower pots.

Producing EPP

Polypropylene resin, together with other ingredients and additives are extruded into pellets, which are expanded to form beads of EPP foam. The beads are injected into moulds, where they are fused under pressure and heat to form the required shape.

Quality control

BEWI’s stringent quality control system verifies that the polypropylene, additives, and other ingredients used to produce EPP are first rate. We track and document every step of the production process and have rigorous procedures in place to ensure that our products meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.