The history of BEWI started in 1980 and runs in parallel with the conventional industry along the entire Norwegian coast.

We know that the Norwegian fishing industry is only at the starting line and would like to contribute to the survival of a proud and sustainable industry in the future.

Cod has been important to Norway for more than 1000 years and became one of Norway’s first export products. Over the centuries, it has contributed to the development of an indispensable fishing industry along the coast, which has been crucial for Norwegian settlement and existence. At first with the stockfish from Northern Norway, which was hung on hooks and dried under perfect and unique drying conditions. Then with the clipfish (salted, dried fish, mainly cod) further south, mainly Kristiansund and Ålesund.

In the beginning, the clipfish was dried outdoors by the producers as salted fish, but it also became an important additional source of income for the farmers in nearby areas. The farmers rowed to the clipfish producers and fetched salted fish for drying on the bare rocks near their homes. It was a huge job to spread the fish in the morning and collect it in different piles again during the evening. A “clipfish roof” was placed on top of the piles to protect the fish from rain.


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An exciting development

The history of BEWI started in 1980 and runs in parallel with the conventional industry along the entire Norwegian coast. In the beginning, the clipfish producers themselves cut up and sewed together jute in running lengths which they used for packaging around bundles of fish. In the 1980s, cartons of solid cardboard were introduced for clipfish, followed by cardboard cartons and containers for salted fish in solid cardboard. Today, Nordic by BEWI delivers everything the fishing industry needs within packaging and packaging materials.

Did you know that stockfish is Norway’s oldest export item? Stockfish have been exported from Norway for about 1000 years. It is also the longest-lasting export item, as well as the most economically profitable export commodity alongside the revenues of the Norwegian merchant fleet from gas, oil, and sailing. Almost since the start in 1970, Nordic by BEWI has supplied jute packaging for stockfish and dried cod heads.

From the end of the ’80s until today, there has been a natural development with deliveries of corrugated cardboard and packaging for fresh fish, as well as other accessories consumed in the fishing industry, such as plastic caps, stretch film, packaging tape, etc.

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