In Mould Labelling

High-quality labels and flexible solutions
In Mould Labelling

IML merges your label with the packaging. The process together with our state of the art machinery and 40 years of experience ensures that you get the best result possible


Top quality prints

Get high resolution and print all sides with a single label


Print what you want

The process is highly flexible and you can print any design you wish


Durable and hygienic

The labels are moisture and temperature resistant and overall durable


Recycle as one

The label merges with the packaging material and can be recycled as a whole, making it a more sustainable alternative

Unlimited options

The combination of your creativity, our expertise and flexibility, as well as the process itself, offers you unlimited options to design your product’s packaging. The high-resolution print quality with its high colour vibrancy is exceptional. Together with our glossy, textured, transparent and uncoated prints, we open the door to designs that aren’t possible by using other techniques.

Stays beautiful

When the label has merged with the packaging material, there isn’t much that can damage it. It won’t crack or wrinkle and isn’t easily scratched. On top of all this, it’s probably the best choice for refrigerated products, as it’s not temperature or moisture sensitive.

Let’s create something new

We like to be challenged! You can involve us wherever you are in the process, be it final adjustments or as early as the R&D stage. Our experience is at your disposal and we’re happy to discuss material, design and an efficient production process.

Right products at the right time

We have the products you need, when you need them