Easy to pack and transport with optimal protection

We have the packaging solutions you need. And if we don’t, we’ll create it for you


The right features

Low weight, high shock absorption, excellent cushioning and elasticity.


Let’s create something new

We’re happy to offer custom made packaging designs for your products.


Made from waste

We collect and recycle used EPS to make new products from it.

Easy does it

Don’t get us wrong, our packaging can handle shocks on a level of its own. The neat thing is that while they do a great job protecting your goods, they’re easy to handle and easy to pack. On top of our products, we’re easy-going and happy to do our best to meet any special needs or ideas you might have.

Recycled Inside

We’re constantly developing new ways to take responsibility for the environment. Right now, we can offer EPS made from recycled material. That offering is dependent on us getting back used EPS. To do that, we’re happy to setup a waste management system at your venue. That way, we can pick up your used EPS and make new products from it. And you can inch closer to your sustainability goals.

Just in time

E-commerce puts high demands on smooth flows. We have experience working with big actors in the industry and can deliver the products you need when you need them. We can do this due to the size of our operation and the fact that we control the entire production chain.


The products you need, when you need them