EPS Fish boxes

We have kept salmon cold since the 1980’s
EPS Fish boxes

Apart from keeping your fish cold, our boxes protect from shocks and are hygienic, stackable and easy to transport


98% air

Their low weight makes them easy to handle and lowers your transport costs


We have just the box for you

Choose from a wide range of shapes and sizes, delivered when you need them


Exceptional insulation

Combine with cooling agents to get unmatched insulation for your fish and seafood


Reinforced to handle stacking

We have designed our boxes to be able to handle heavy loads

The number one priority: keep the fish and seafood fresh all the way to the customer

It doesn’t matter if the packaging is free from plastics if the product isn’t fresh when it’s time to cook it. Compromising on a product’s durability just to be able to say that you are using “green” packaging is never an option. Not to us anyway.

EPS reduces food waste and is 100% recyclable

EPS help reduce food waste by keeping your fish and seafood fresh longer than the alternatives and can be recycled again and again. The material’s strength protects your fish and seafood from damages, minimizing waste. Altogether, you get efficient solutions that are also the more sustainable choice in the long run.

Short term solutions are not circular

We have launched the Use-ReUse initiative to make people aware that EPS is 100% recyclable and plastics can be sustainable when used right. As we see it, short term solutions are not circular. So we collect and recycle thousands of tonnes of fish boxes and other EPS packaging and turn them into raw material for new packaging. Again and again.

Right products at the right time

We have the products you need, when you need them

EPS loves food


100% recyclable




Long term sustainability


Optimal insulation


98% air, 2% plastic


Cost effective


Mold and moisture resistant


No smell, no hazardous material


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