Gram Dampsperre | Sukkerrør

The world's first vapor barrier made of sugarcane

Sustainable vapor barrier that protects against mould and fungus. Also available in recyclable PE.

Gram vapor barrier is the world’s first vapor barrier made of sugarcane, a renewable resource. It’s a recyclable and sustainable alternative with the same properties as traditional barriers. It protects against mould and fungus, is UV-protected, long-lasting and keeps heat inside and moisture out.

Gram vapor barrier has a self-adhesive edge that makes it easy to use. It doesn’t take long to install a vapor barrier that will protect the house for 50 years or more.

Gram vapor barrier is also available in long-lasting PE, that protects against damp and leakage in walls, roofs and floors. It doesn’t absorb moisture, withstands cold and is resistant to chemicals. Gram vapor barrier made of PE is recyclable.




Made of sugarcane, recyclable

Protects your house

Against damp, mold and fungus

Easy to use

Quick and easy to install

Made to last

Protects walls, roofs and floors for 50-60 years

Gram dampsperre standard

Artikkel nr. Nobb nr. Dimensjon M2 Vekt kg. Pr pall
905589439423182600mm x 15m 150my Heftekant395,4100
905587439618462600mm x 15m 200my Heftekant397,380
905585439620773000mm x 15m 150my Heftekant456,280
904344442003422600mm x 15m 150my395,4100
904155436360402600mm x 15m 200my397,380
905966430116174000mm x 10m 200my407,354
904506231346614000mm x 25m 200my10018,424
911340253978606000mm x 25m 200my10027,624

Gram dampsperre av fornybart råstoff

Artikkel nr. Nobb nr. Dimensjon M2 Vekt kg. Pr pall
905754528689642600mm x 15m 150my Heftekant395,450
905755528689722600mm x 15m 200my Heftekant397,340
907576536982564000mm x 15m 200my10018,424