With a focus on circular solutions, we aim to lead the change toward a more sustainable tomorrow.

At BEWI, we think in terms of production loops, life cycles, long-term effects, and holistic solutions. To us, sustainability is not just something we talk about—it’s our business

Be circular

BEWI Circular embodies our sustainability work in many ways. Here, we help close the loop on our processes by combining recycling services with manufacturing new products and raw materials.

Be a partner

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something, and when we work together, we can change the world. Through partnerships with other stakeholders, we aim to do just that.

Be socially responsible

Happy and healthy employees do good work. That’s a simple equation. At BEWI, we take this concept one step further by also promoting social change in the world around us.

Our approach

We are always guided by our vision of protecting people and goods for a better everyday

We always think long term – to be able to meet the needs of people today without compromising the needs of future generations. To achieve this requires rethinking and moving away from business as usual by adopting new ways of working. We are prepared to lead the way forward together with our customers and partners to make a positive difference. For us, this is both a responsibility and a business opportunity.

Becoming circular

Working to promote a circular economy

For BEWI circular economy is a tool that present solutions to some of our most pressing cross-cutting sustainable development challenges. By addressing root causes, the concept of a circular economy is for us a framework to accelerate the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

Ethics & compliance

BEWI operations comply with all relevant national, regional, and international laws and regulations. However, business ethics extend beyond compliance.

Our Code of Conduct sets out the essential requirements for ethical business conduct and is applicable to everyone we work with, and all our initiatives. By living up to our customers’ expectations, we generate value together, and we strive to do and be better every day.

This approach to business is best described by our four core values:
Be responsible, Be proud, Be stable, Care for quality.

Code of Conduct

If you have experienced unethical behaviour, please notify us by using the whistleblowing channel.

Whistleblowing guidelines


Supporting our industry and community

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