Coolsafe & E-commerce box

Keep food and groceries fresh all the way to the customer.

E-commerce boxes with excellent insulation properties for all types of food transports.

Coolsafe keeps the cooling chain unbroken, so food bought online arrive at the end-user as fresh as it was when it left the cooler. It can be used with freezing or cooling agents. Made of 100% recyclable EPS that protects against shocks and impact. First-rate insulation against moisture, heat and cold.

Coolsafe and the E-commerce boxes’ insulation properties keep the temperature at the right level during transport. The products arrive fresh, which lowers food waste for better sustainability.



Unbroken cooling chain

Keep food fresh all the way to the end user


Against impact, shocks and other transport hazards


Against heat, cold and moisture


Made of 100% recyclable EPS

Documents — Coolsafe & E-commerce box

ART. NO. Description Ext. dimensions Int. dimensions Thickness Volume Qty. / Pkg. Qty. / Pallet
0333Cooling box - S with lid400 x 300 x 165 mm350 x 250 x 115 mm25 mm10.06 l-104 pcs
0233Cooling box - M with lid400 x 300 x 247 mm350 x 250 x 195 mm25 mm17.06 l-72 pcs
0133Cooling box - L with lid400 x 300 x 330 mm350 x 250 x 280 mm25 mm2450 l-56 pcs
530712Europe box600 x 400 x 250 mm560 x 360 x 235 mm-45 l16 pcs32 pcs
530760Europe box lid600 x 400 x 28 mm---16 pcs-