Växa of Sweden


Low weight pot in durable material

done Thanks to the lightweight and durable material EPP, you can move around your potted plants easily and smoothly.

High-quality material

done EPP is tough and can withstand impact and shock.


done The material in the pot breathes while insulating the plants' sensitive root system against both cold and heat in all seasons, which means, among other things, that you do not have to water as often.

Environmentally friendly

done Växa of Sweden lasts for a long time and can be recycled.

Easy to clean

done Since Växa of Swedenis made of the durable material EPP, it can withstand the climate of both summer and winter, without the risk of frost burst during the winter months.

done If the pot gets dirty or gets a little algae growth, it is easy to clean with a soft brush, water and possibly a little detergent. Rinsing the pot with the water hose also works well.

done The sun's UV rays can make the color a little paler, but the material will not be damaged and the pot does not lose its insulating ability.

done Växa of Sweden is delivered in two models, Round and Square in sets of three pots, Small, Medium, Large.


Description Diameter Height Weight Volume
SQUARE Small25 cm25 cm262 g 7 liter
SQUARE Medium32 cm32 cm382 g 18.5 liter
SQUARE Large39 cm39 cm651 g 36 liter
ROUND Small25 cm25 cm152 g 6 liter
ROUND Medium32 cm32 cm295 g13.2 liter
ROUND Large39 cm39 cm508 g25 liter