Jabfill HP

Jabfill High Performance (HP) Cavity Wall Insulation is designed to optimise the cavity space in a new build property.

Jabfill HP Cavity Wall Insulation will:

• Insulate for the lifetime of the building
• Eliminate cold bridging
• Prevent rainwater penetration
• Provide a flood-proof cavity wall insulation




         Key Benefits

  • Achieves A+ in the BRE Green Guide to Specification
  • Provide a flood-proof cavity wall insulation
  • Suitable as a full-fill cavity insulation
  • Available for 100mm, 125mm and 150mm cavity widths
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Tongue and grooved wall boards to prevent cold bridging
  • 100% recyclable

Product specification

BEWI HP Cavity Wall Insulation is supplied to the standards defined in BS EN 13163

BEWI HP Cavity Wall Insulation is supplied in the standard board sizes of:

  • 450 x 1200mm (excluding tongues and edge detail)

The boards have 5mm-deep flutes on the external face which ensures that any moisture that penetrates the external leaf is directed down the outer face of the insulation and back into the external masonry.

Boards are marked to identify the correct orientation for installation.

Thermal Resistance (R value)

BEWI HP Cavity Wall Insulation is moulded from HP or High Performance EPS (expanded polystyrene).

The thermal resistance or R-value of Jabfill HP Cavity Wall Insulation for the following standard thicknesses are:

100mm 2.95m²K/W
125mm 3.75m²K/W
150mm 4.50m²K/W

BEWI HP Cavity Wall Insulation is produced to the requirements of BS EN 13163 ‘Thermal insulation products for buildings – Factory made products of expanded polystyrene (EPS) – specification’.


Can BEWI EPS be used in a full fill cavity wall application?
Yes. Jabfill is designed for fully filling masonry cavities. Jabfill is tongue and grooved to prevent moisture transmission across the cavity. It also has an external profile that aids moisture run off and prevents insulation becoming damp.

Does BEWI’s manufacturing process use a lot of energy?
No. Compared with other insulation materials, the manufacturing process uses only small amounts of energy as the BEWI EPS bead is expanded by steam.

Does BEWI EPS include any recycled material?
Yes. BEWI standard products use between 0% and 60% recycled material depending on the grade, type of product and recycled material availability. The recycled material is from off site sources e.g. clean offcuts from building sites or from the manufacturing process – 100% of BEWI’s manufacturing EPS waste goes back into the manufacturing process.