BEWI further increases its recycling capacity by opening a circular hub in Norrköping, Sweden.

The new circular hub elevates the company’s EPS recycling capacity by 40 per cent.

BEWI has strong ambitions to increase collection and use of recycled EPS (expanded polystyrene) in its product offering, meeting customers’ demand for more circular solutions as well as international targets and requirements for recycled content.



Growing demand for recycled products

“We are proud to present our new, state-of-the art recycling facility here in Norrköping. We are well positioned to meet the growing demand for products with recycled content, driven by both the market and legislations”, says Aljosa Krizman, EVP and Head of BEWI’s Circular segment.

The circular hub is a result of a transformation of BEWI’s former insulation facility in Norrköping. The facility is equipped with the latest recycling extrusion technology and offers a potential for further expansion. Its strategic location in Norrköping enables efficient transportation to and from customers and BEWI’s facilities, such as the extruder for recycled polystyrene in the Netherlands creating new EPS raw material. In addition to offering external customers recycled feedstock, the circular hub facilitates the use of recycled material in BEWI’s downstream business units, increasing the offering of solutions with reduced CO2 footprint.

Recycling in practice and at scale

Since 2018, BEWI has invested significantly in circular capabilities. The company collects and recycles used EPS packaging and insulation products, such as fish boxes and construction debris. The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) recognises EPS transport packaging as «recycled at scale and in practice». Last year, BEWI collected 27 000 tonnes of used EPS for recycling – more than any other insulation company – equivalent to approximately 90 per cent of the fish boxes it produced, clearly demonstrating recycling at scale and in practice.

“We collect and convert used EPS into high-quality recycled raw material, effectively contributing to increase recycling and establish a closed-loop system. With the circular hub in Norrköping, we enhance our recycling platform, expand our product offering and strengthen our market position,” explains Christian Bekken, CEO of BEWI ASA.

Confirming its commitment to the circular economy

The recycled material, rGPPS (recycled general-purpose polystyrene), is used in a range of applications, including insulation boards, protective packaging, and manufacturing of new EPS raw material. BEWI also offers tailored waste management solutions as well as a range of recycled products for various industries. The new facility in Norrköping brings the company closer to becoming a circular company, confirming the commitment to leading the change towards a circular economy.