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Meet Tarjei Bø

Late 2022, BEWI entered a partnership with the Norwegian biathlon athlete Tarjei Bø.

Tarjei has been a top athlete since 2006, when he claimed his first world champion title in the Junior World Championship. He has an impressive career, consistently delivering top results for more than a decade, including 4 Olympic Games (2010, 2014, 2018 and 2022) with an astonishing 6 Olympic medals, of which 3 gold medals. He has claimed the world champion title 11 times and claimed a total of 21 medals in world championships. And we could go on and on, just like Tarjei – who is still hunting for more podiums – with the world championship in Oberhof, Germany, in February 2023 as his top priority for the 2022/2023 season.

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But Tarjei is not only a top athlete with great results. BEWI has entered a partnership with him as we see him as a great ambassador. He is a positive and ambitious man who stays true to his values, and who is very conscious about being a great role model for younger and aspiring athletes.

We look forward to continuing being inspired by Tarjei – and will cheer for him both on and off the biathlon arena.


Tarjei is a living example of BEWI’s core values:

Be responsible

Tarjei shows responsibility, among other things, by making good and environmentally aware choices, and by being concerned with being a good role model. And of course, he takes responsibility for optimising his everyday life to produce the best possible results in his sport.

Be proud

Tarjei tells us that he is proud to be representing Norway at the national biathlon team, and proud of his career. Most of all, he is proud of his fiancé Gita Simonsen and their little baby boy.

Be stable

As an athlete, it is crucial for Tarjei to take good choices and consistently be disciplined for a long period of time. To become a world champion, he must think long-term and do the hard work every day. Tarjei has proven this by delivering stable and good results for more than 15 years.

Care for quality

For Tarjei, quality is about making the most out of everything. To deliver good results, he must perform in races and have the best quality in every training session, but he also needs to secure good quality in his recovery, including sleep and food.