We work hard and have fun together as a team

It’s all about people

The team is stronger than the sum of its members

“My advice to grow and develop at BEWI? Be yourself, always. Know your strengths and play them well. Differences make teams stronger”

Svein Tore Larsen, Product Manager | BEWI Insulation Norway

Teamwork and team spirit are key elements in my work. I engage in various project teams, and in BEWI, we aim to collaborate and optimise outcomes together. I appreciate the freedom to express myself, while respecting and considering others’ suggestions for better results. I’m proud of my development, and grateful for all I have learned.

Embracing the opportunity

I joined BEWI right after finishing my bachelor’s degree in building engineering, and gradually grew into a Product Manager role that I enjoy. The projects are varied and keep challenging me to improve in different areas. While my curiosity and willingness to learn contribute to my development, I also have a manager who encourages me to try new things and grow. The goal is to contribute to a better everyday, for both customers and society.