They are BEWiSnbra

BEWiSynbra has production facilities in several countries all over Europe and more than a thousand employees.

Each and every one of them is an individual with her and his personal dreams and ambitions. They have different skills, knowledge and expertise that make BEWiSynbra unique.

Our employees see possibilities where many don’t see anything at all. They find solutions when others would have given up and gone home. When they work together, they can achieve even more. It’s a team that can do great things.

Co-workers like these make it easy to be proud of our company and our products. They are innovators and seek solutions that have the potential to make a difference for coming generations. Sustainability is not just a word; it’s a fact, something that has to be done. Our employees have families, and they deserve the best possible future.

This mindset runs through the company. It shapes how we think, innovate and operate. It sets us apart, all the way from top management to the factory floors.

Without our employees, we would be nothing. They are BEWiSynbra.

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