Pioneering future homes

With homes built in just four months and unparalleled energy efficiency ratings of A+ and A++, we're setting a new standard in the housing industry.
In the world of housing, innovation is paramount.

Constructing durable, affordable, and sustainable homes has always been a challenge

BEWI and UAB “House Makers” have embarked on a journey to redefine this landscape. By merging the best of both worlds – BEWI’s cutting-edge materials and UAB’s visionary construction techniques – the two are crafting a novel approach to housing.

UAB “House Makers” stands firm on its commitment to building high-quality homes at unbeatable prices. From guiding customers in selecting the perfect plot to drafting architectural solutions tailored to individual needs, UAB covers the entire construction spectrum.

BEWI PIR Technology

Central to this innovative partnership is the BEWI PIR technology. With a framework constructed from lightweight steel or glued wood beams, BEWI’s multilayer panels with non-flammable PIR filler are used to reinforce and insulate the structure. These panels showcase exceptional thermal insulation, markedly superior to conventional materials.

This technology ensures a robust, sealed, and non-combustible home and speeds up the construction process. A full-fledged house can now be built in four months, embodying energy efficiency and rapid construction.

A look at the advantages:

  • Precision: The meticulous production ensures structures have minute errors – just a few millimetres.
  • Economical living costs: Energy class ratings of A+ or even A++, reducing monthly living expenses.
  • Rapid construction:Homes can be constructed within four months, slashing build time and labour costs.
  • Diverse design options:Whether it’s the facade or interior, choices suit every aesthetic desire.

It's about building the future

In conclusion, BEWI and UAB “House Makers” collaboration is more than just about building houses. It’s about building the future, one home at a time.

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