Leading the change

To us, sustainability means to care about the future and coming generations.

We aim to become the most sustainable EPS producer. By managing the entire chain – from raw materials to the finished product – we can close the loop and lead the change towards a circular economy.

We collect and recycle several thousand tonnes of fish boxes, insulation and packaging. The goal is to collect every kilo of EPS through both our own and industrial recycling schemes and reuse the material to produce new EPS. The way our products are produced and recycled can be transformed into a never-ending loop where materials are maximised and waste is minimised.

We will use more and more renewable energy from sun, wind and water. If and when new, efficient forms of renewable energy appear we are eager to try them. Waste from our production can be reused. Other waste can be turned into bio-gas.

We will reduce CO2 emissions from our transports and product deliveries. We will cut down on air travel, overhaul our corporate car policy and put demands on suppliers.

Sustainability is a joint effort and we are working with our suppliers and partners to reach our objectives.

This will make BEWI the most serious and trustworthy player when it comes to sustainability.

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