Keeping fish fresh

Keeping fish fresh, all the way from the sea to the consumer. This is how BEWI started almost 40 years ago – producing fish boxes on the island of Frøya, off the coast of Norway.

Same temperature from sea to store

We have never stopped producing them and continue to make the boxes lighter, better and more sustainable. Our fish boxes are made from EPS –  a white foam plastic material that contains 98% air – making it perfect for transportation.

All that air makes EPS extremely good at keeping fish cold, so it arrives in stores at almost the same temperature as when it left the sea. EPS boxes also protect the fish from shocks and impact and keep it undamaged as well as fresh, which means less food waste.

The latest version is made for transporting fish in an unbroken cold chain. Even when fish is sent all the way from the Norwegian sea too, say, Japan, the BEWiSynbra box makes sure that it’s delivered nice and fresh.

The boxes are also 100% recyclable (as is all EPS) and can be used to produce new EPS, which can be turned into new fish boxes.

That is recycling as it should be, a closed loop. We want to become the most sustainable EPS producer. And lead the change in the industry.

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