"I loved working at BEWI"

Sarita Põldmaa from Finland worked as a nurse for 15 years, but her heart wasn’t in it. She wanted to change her profession and got interested in laboratory work. “Nursing was not my passion. I wanted to work with chemistry” she says.

Sarita resigned and went back to school to become a laboratory assistant. After a couple of weeks of theoretical studies, she needed to find a trainee job to get her diploma.

Easier said than done. Sarita called about 30 companies and got 30 “Thanks, but no thanks” before she called BEWiSynbra
RAW in Porvoo.

The lab in Porvoo is mainly quality control laboratory but also supporting research and development activities. They are working on material research to improve the properties of raw material, products and to develop entirely new types of EPS.

“I got a fantastic opportunity at BEWI RAW. They really taught me all the basics of laboratory work. The experienced professionals at BEWI let me work independently but supervised and made sure that everything was done right.

I can honestly say that without being a trainee at BEWI RAW I would not have been able to graduate as fast as I did,” Sarita Põldmaa says.

“Step by step, you get more responsibility. A student feels safe in the BEWI laboratory. You don’t have to stand in line to do analyses as you do at school. The equipment is amazing, the job is very versatile, and you learn by doing. I felt that I grew every day.”

After six weeks as a trainee, Sarita continued her studies and internship for another company.At the end of her studies she got a temporary job as laboratorian at BEWI RAW. Now Sarita has moved on and works for another company.

“I loved working at BEWI! They believed in me. I’ll come back in a second if they ask me. This is the job I always wanted to do,” Sarita Põldmaa says.