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In 2018, Volvo Cars announced its ambition that at least 25 per cent of the plastic in each new Volvo model launched from 2025 will come from recycled materials. Volvo Cars’ ambition to use recycled plastic for its upcoming fleet of cars marks a benchmark that they hope others in the automotive industry will follow.

Together with Volvo Cars we invest in recycled plastic

Through investments, design, innovation and a long-term development together with our material supplier, BEWiSynbra has launched EPP with 25% recycled material to help Volvo Cars and others realize their ambitions.

Up to 50% of a modern car’s volume consists of plastic. EPP, expanded polypropylene, is used for roof, floor and seat structures, sound absorbers and much more. In addition to the automotive industry, EPP is used in HVAC, for helmets, highchairs, planting pots, packaging, etc. The material is distinguished by its ability to absorb energy, its structural strength, low weight, chemical resistance, and thermal and acoustic insulation properties. Unlike EPS, EPP returns to its original shape after a shock or blow.

EPP is 100% recyclable

By recycling used EPP from the European market and adding it to new raw material production, we produce in Skara components and packaging consisting of 25% recycled material. EPP with recycled material not only saves resources but also reduces CO2 emissions by up to 12% in comparison with ordinary raw material. EPP is also 100% recyclable.

We work continuously to improve and reduce the environmental footprint of our production and our products, and we are proud to be able to further expand our portfolio with new innovation and sustainable solutions.

Solutions in the new material have already started to deliver, and together with the launch of Recycled Inside, 100% recycled EPS, we are a big step in the right direction, to together with our customers and partners close the loop and deliver sustainable solutions that meet high environmental goals. Our ambition and vision is to act as a partner, where we together with our customers find a model for both delivery and recycling.

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