BEWI on the seven seas

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SF Marina and BEWI

Recyclable EPS in ports around the world

“EPS is exceptionally buoyant, which makes our pontoons virtually unsinkable,” says Thomas Kristensson.

From Gothenburg to Fort Lauderdale

What does Skärhamn in Sweden, Fort Lauderdale in Florida and Porto Lotti in Italy have in common? They all have concrete pontoons from SF Marina in Gothenburg, Sweden.

– We have customers all over the world, says Thomas Kristensson at SF Marina.

– It’s essential that the pontoon remains buoyant and stable in the water. So, we work with BEWI. They deliver the EPS we use in our concrete platforms, says Thomas.

The perfect material

– EPS has fantastic properties that make it perfect for us. It can be adapted to any shape or form and is very light, which simplifies construction. But most important: EPS is exceptionally buoyant, which makes our pontoons virtually unsinkable, says Thomas Kristensson.

Surplus EPS becomes new EPS

BEWI delivers blocks of EPS that are cut to the right size and form for each project. The EPS is fitted in iron casts and moulded with concrete. Surplus EPS is crushed and compressed on-site by SF Marina.

– It’s returned to BEWI to be recycled as new raw material. The circular thinking, together with the projected lifespan, make our pontoons environmentally friendly and sustainable, says Thomas Kristensson.

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