Becoming circular

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Recycling and cooperation

Used material is a valuable resource

”We need to be brave and push the industry forward, and we believe that recycling is the future.”

Pedro Luis. Managing Director | BEWI Circular Portugal

Circularity relies on cooperation

No company can be circular on their own. We’re all connected and face similar challenges in adapting to a circular economy. One company’s waste is another’s valuable resource. Fortunately, we have long-lasting relationships with our customers and have come a long way in establishing closed-loop systems all over Europe.

This has been made possible through our customer’s will to help us collect waste material. And our decision to take responsibility for what we make and make sure used material is recycled and made into new, sustainable products. Our experience is that people and companies want to adapt and become circular. And that openness and dialogue often lead to ideas and initiatives that have a concrete impact.

”Used EPS is a truly valuable resource. It can be recycled over and over again while maintaining its unique properties”. Says Pedro Luis, Managing Director at BEWI Circular in Portugal


Recycling leads the way

We control the entire process from collection to manufacturing of new products. That’s important in order to ensure the quality of products made form recycled material matches that of regular products. And it does, which means the system is in ready for scaling. To take that step, we need more companies to work together with us to collect an increasing amount of used material.


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