Accelerating sustainability in innovative packaging solutions

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Innovation with Dansani

Efficient protection with the paper-based material Honeycomb

“At BEWI, sustainability is at the core of everything we do, and helping our customers to choose the most suitable material and packaging design is an essential part of it. By collaborating and innovating together with our customers, we believe we can find packaging solutions that protect both the product and the planet”

Thomas Christensen | BEWI Packaging

Exploring innovative packaging solutions

Dansani is a renowned Danish bathroom furniture manufacturer, developing beautiful and functional bathroom solutions, delivering their products all over Europe. With a mission to preserve the excellent craftsmanship within the tradition of Danish design in a modern, environmentally friendly framework, Dansani is continuously taking steps to make their furniture more sustainable. This also includes the packaging solutions.

As the global demand for innovative packaging materials and eco-conscious consumers evolve, Dansani wanted to explore alternative packaging solutions for their range of bathroom furniture. This project required a reliable partner, precisely what they found in their long-lasting collaboration with BEWI.

Honeycomb: The perfect match

The two companies have worked together for almost a decade, combining the artistic mindset of Dansani with BEWI’s overarching goal of protecting people and goods. Jointly, they have developed suitable packaging solutions of a variety of different materials, such as EPS, EPP and paper.

This recent project resulted in a paper-based packaging solution made from Honeycomb. Honeycomb is an environmentally friendly, fully recyclable, and biodegradable packaging material. It’s unique cell structure makes it strong, lightweight, and easy to handle. Providing excellent protection for fragile products, Honeycomb was a perfect match for Dansani.

“We were looking for something eco-friendly, and Honeycomb fit our needs perfectly. We’re thrilled to use it for our products, ensuring they reach our customers in the best condition possible while staying true to our values”, says Thomas Rudbeck Winther, sustainability project manager, Dansani


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