Increasing collection and recycling through partnerships

Giving new life to used EPS

Closing the circular loop with fish processor Luis Silverio

“Used EPS is a truly valuable resource. At BEWI, we are committed to collecting and recycling EPS. Collaboration with partners, such as Luis Silverio, plays a crucial role in increasing collection and aligning with European recycling targets. Embracing circularity is the future of our company and the entire industry, and our business model enables us to close the loop.”

Pedro Luis | BEWI Circular Portugal


Increased recycling through close partnerships

Luis Silverio is a renowned Portuguese family business with 35 years’ experience in the market for fresh and frozen fish. At the new processing center in Valado dos Frades, the company process around 4 000 tonnes of fish annually. The center, equipped with advanced technology, enhances the company’s packaging, freezing, and drying processes with environmentally friendly methods. A significant share of the electrical energy is generated by photovoltaic panels, with over a hundred solar tubes supplying natural light.

“We continuously strive to improve not only our products but our entire operation. We were seeking a solution for the by-products and disposal from our processes. Through close collaboration with BEWI, we were introduced to a closed-loop waste management system for the EPS fish boxes”, says Lara Santos in Luis Silverio.

The endless life of EPS

From Luis Silverio’s processing facility, fish are shipped to markets all over the country in EPS transport packaging from BEWI. The fish boxes protect and keep the fish cold, ensure excellent product quality, and reduce food waste. Upon arrival at their destination, the empty EPS boxes are collected by BEWI, compressed, and granulated into new raw material. The recycled fish boxes are then given a second life as new packaging products or insulation boards for the construction industry, closing the circular loop.