Closing the circular loop through efficient collaboration

The endless life of EPS

Waste management and recycling with fruit and vegetable processor Estevão Luis Salvador

“Environmental commitment is a priority for us, and it’s important that our clients know that Estevão Luis Salvador acts responsibly. We partner with BEWI to collect and recycle empty EPS boxes from our production. The collaboration provides a solution for our disposal and ensures a closed-loop system for the material.”

Antonio Wemans | Agricultural Engineer, Estevão Luis Salvador (ELS)


Closing the circular loop by efficient waste management

Estevão Luis Salvador (ELS) is a leading horticultural company based in central Portugal, offering a wide range of products, including freshly picked fruits and vegetables to high-quality purees and juices. Collaborating with over 100 suppliers, the company produces 18 000 boxes of horticultural products daily and delivers primarily to large retail chains in Portugal, as well as other European countries.

Collection and recycling in practice

Vegetables and fruits are delivered to the processing facility in various types of boxes made from materials such as cardboard and EPS. One of the challenges the company faces is the space occupied by leftover boxes from production. Through a collaboration with BEWI, Estevão Luis Salvador (ELS) was introduced to a smart waste management system. The empty EPS boxes are collected by BEWI and given a second life as new packaging products or insulation boards, closing the circular loop.