Cardboard Recycling

Recycle your corrugated cardboard and leave more room for your business

We can help you store, compress, and recycle your cartons, or turn them into a useful package filling material.

Save your floor space

Cardboard waste takes up a lot of space, even when you fold them. And the neater you need your production area or warehouse to be, the more time you need to spend getting them out of the way.

Every industry handles varying amounts of corrugated cartons, and none more than companies who ship a lot of goods. If  you partner with BEWI, we can help you handle your cardboard waste in an easy and cost-efficient way. Saving you time, money, and floor space in the process.

PS. Did you know that cardboard can actually be recycled up to 8 times before you have to find new uses for it?

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How it works

By visiting you on-site, we can work out the best waste management solution for your needs.

The solution might depend on the quality of your waste (like how contaminated it is), how much waste you have, and if it’s all the same kind of waste, or a mixed batch.

In most cases, our proposed solution will include a compactor that you can easily use on-site. This will make the waste more cost-efficient to transport. We might even suggest the Ecofiller 400 so you can make your own Ecofill!

Make your own filling material

If your corrugated carton waste is clean and reasonably whole, you might be able to use our Ecofiller 400 machine to create your own filling material!

Ecofill, as this particular filling material is called, basically consists entirely of shredded cartons. It makes for excellent cushioning material and is so shock-absorbent, it can even keep eggs safe while travelling halfway across the world!

If you don’t want to keep an Ecofiller machine with you—no worries! We can pick up the carton waste from your place of business, turn it into Ecofill, and deliver it back to you.

About EcoFill

Why recycle your cardboard?

We all know why recycling is a good thing, but it never hurts to be reminded. So, here are a few reasons to recycle with BEWI:

• It’s good for the environment

• It’s cost-efficient

• It brings you closer to the 2030 goals

• It’s safe, since we know what we’re doing

• It’s a win-win solution


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