Recycling success

Successful trials of BEWiSynbra’s 100% recyclable EPS.

BEWiSynbra Group recently introduced EPS made 100 per cent from recycled material. Now HIRSCH Servo Group has, as the first customer, successfully completed the first trials and produced a limited edition of packaging made of 100 per cent recycled EPS.

“The response to our 100 per cent recycled EPS has been overwhelming. Today only a small portion of EPS is reused, and an even smaller portion recycled. Our new product has the potential to change that. It is a sustainable alternative to producing EPS from virgin resources,” says Alan Moss, Managing Director of BEWiSynbra RAW.

Our customers want sustainable solutions that minimize the impact on the environment.

“We did tests on how to pre-expand raw beads made from 100 percent EPS and used the resulting EPS to produce shape- moulded parts that meet our quality specifications,” says Harald Kogler, CEO, Hirsch Servo.

Following the successful trials, we will work even harder to supply more partners and customers with 100 per cent recycled EPS, and we’ll start commercial deliveries early next year. BEWiSynbra is successfully leading the change

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