Close the loop with Circular — where recycling meets manufacturing

Waste management, collection of used materials, trading and production.
What is Circular?

Through Circular we unite manufacturing with recycling — reducing C02 emissions and creating quality products and materials at the same time.



BEWI Circular offers a broad spectrum of trading services, dealing in a variety of materials crucial for various industries.


Collection and waste management

We tailor each waste management solution to your need, recycle the materials, and create new products from the waste.


Quality products

We adhere to established control processes, emphasizing our commitment to delivering great quality.

Circular offers different solutions for waste management and collection of used material, as well as offering a range of recycled materials.

With a production capacity of 2500 tons per month of recycled GPPS, or General-Purpose Polystyrene, we stand at the forefront of recycling and innovation. Our system allows us to transform EPS waste into high-quality recycled GPPS.

Our diverse sources includes the fish industry, logistics platforms, and industrial waste. By providing a global solution for EPS waste, we aim to give these materials a second life, reinforcing the circular economy and sustainability.

Our services

Collection and waste management

Rental and sales of compaction equipment

For suppliers with larger volumes. Suitable for e.g. larger construction projects, electrical components industry, recycling centres or fish industry.

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Collection and compaction service

Suitable for suppliers with lower volumes and proximity to a hub.


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Compaction partner

You take care of everything from collection to compaction. Suitable for e.g. waste management companies

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Need help sorting out what kind of waste management solution you need? Please contact your local BEWI salesperson for more information on how you can start recycling your material today.