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We’re a full service partner to our clients in the automotive industry. Although packaging of the highest quality make up the lion’s share of what we make, we provide components of all shapes and sizes for the modern car. We’re flexible in order to meet all thinkable needs, and offer large scale manufacturing as well as to take responsibility for the entire design and innovation process.


Here, there and everywhere

Reliable, lightweight and excellent shock absorption. EPP can even be used to improve acoustics in a car.


Let’s work together

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EPP is a cost-effective material ideally suited for manufacturing car parts for the automotive industry.

We’re there for you from the prototyping phase, through the production process and packaging and logistics. EPP is used in everything from bumpers and door pillows to the dashboard and protective packaging. And although we have long experience with most applications, we’re happy to invent new solutions together with you. We can also offer custom made solutions from EPS when that material is more suitable.

Exterior and safety

We make a wide range of different fittings to meet your needs of today and tomorrow. The fittings include energy-absorbing bumper inserts and parts for doors as well as headrests and car seating. The low weight of our fittings can lead to improved crash test results and the material itself has outstanding impact resistance and absorbs shocks without splinters.

Interior parts

The rigidity and easy shaping of EPP make it perfectly suited for car trunks and as isolation between the carpet and floor board. We’re able to shape it with high precision for a wide variety of needs, such as boxes for tools and other complex solutions.


The features of EPP and EPS has made both materials attractive for wide use in the automotive industry. They’re lightweight and flexible and absorb shocks very effectively. We have long experience from making seating parts out of both materials.

Protect what’s most important

Small passengers ride safely surrounded by EPP. It’s material that is exceptionally well-suited for this task. As it consists of air-filled cells, it absorbs shocks on a level of its own and doesn’t deform even after repeated impact. EPP’s insulating properties contribute to a comfortable ride and the low weight makes it easy to handle. It’s also easy to shape and mould according to your wishes.

Transport dunnage

Our highly versatile materials and state of the art machinery combined with our team’s knowledge and experience is at your disposal. The goal is to help you fine-tune your operation and to secure smooth and safe transport between departments or production lines. We have long experience from working with EPP (and many other materials) and can offer you high-precision moulds just the way you want them. With your products firmly fitted, damages in your supply chain will drop to a minimum.

Hardheaded with a good memory

The shock-absorbing properties of EPP are widely known. That’s why it’s so often used in products that serve to protect people or goods. But its capability to remember its default shape is perhaps less known but valuable. Should the material be altered, it will quickly return to its original shape.

Pushing the boundaries of sustainability

We’re determined to lead the change towards a circular economy in our industry. Some of the steps we’ve already taken are Recycled Inside, our recycled EPP and EPS, and Biofoam®, the world’s first CO2 neutral foam. We have a long history of researching more sustainable operations and products – and we’re picking up the pace. We can also offer to pick up used EPP and EPS at your location, recycle it and use it to make new products.

Sustainability, quality and flexibility

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