Cycling 1,000 km for the poorest in Europe


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Cycling 1,000 km for the poorest in Europe

In September 2019, Cycle4Europe was organized for the first time by BEWiSynbra and Loza Foundation. Together they collected SEK 600,000 for the benefit of some of Europe’s most vulnerable people. On May 17th, the National Day of Norway, the start of this year’s edition of Cycle4Europe will take place. For six days, the riders will cycle 1,000 kilometres from Varberg in Sweden to Trondheim in Norway. Again, to raise money for Loza Foundation.

Cycle4Europe is organized by BEWiSynbra and Loza Foundation to raise awareness of Europe’s most vulnerable people and raise money for them.

– In hidden places in Europe’s poorest countries, people live under terrible conditions. Disabled and sick are displaced and neglected. We want to change that, says Sabina Grubbeson, founder of Loza Foundation.

Loza Foundation works for sustainable social development, against poverty and exclusion, for everyone’s human rights and runs day-care centres in Skopje, among others.

– Fantastic companies opened their hearts during Cycle4Europe in September 2019. Together we collected SEK 600,000 which is used, among other things, for winter clothing, shoes and access to education for children in Northern Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thanks to Cycle4Europe, we can now also start projects in Kosovo, says Sabina Grubbeson.

Cycle4Europe 2020 starts in Varberg on May 17th and ends in Trondheim on May 22nd.

– The participants come from all over Europe. Talented cyclists will cycle the stages, which are between 120 and 210 kilometres per day. The participants are a part of Team BEWiSynbra, which raises money for social sustainability every year, says Martin Bekken, initiator of Team BEWiSynbra, the main sponsor of Cycle4Europe.

– Our work has just begun. We need help and hope that Cycle4Europe will be as successful as last year. Because if we don’t do something, who does? says Sabina Grubbeson.

For more information contact

Team BEWi Synbra
tfn: (+46) 720-774 150

Sabina Grubbeson
Loza Foundation Insamlingsstiftelse
Kyrkogårdsvägen 16, 432 45 Varberg
tfn: (+46) 733-213 823