A sustainable packaging solution

We’re closing the loop together with Danish faucet manufacturer VOLA. Watch the video
Made to be reused

Tailored packaging that can be reused over and over again.

”We have set up a partnership with BEWI to return our used EPS, so that they can recycle it into new raw material.”

Jan Steen Jørgensen, Technical innovation Manager | VOLA

A win-win partnership

The story of VOLA began with Danish design icon Arne Jacobsen. Back in 1961, Mr. Jacobsen created the first faucet that hid all mechanical parts, so that only the handles and spout were visible. This simplicity in design is still intact and today VOLA manufactures high-end products designed and built to last. Thanks to quality raw materials and modular design, the products are easy to dismantle and recycle.

VOLA’s products require special packaging during transport and at BEWI we’re proud to deliver it.

”We receive the used EPS from VOLA here at our facility in Hedensted. We compress the material in our compactors so it can be transported to our recycling facilities within BEWI.” Says Per Faber, Sourcing Manager at BEWI.

Designed for tomorrow

Together with VOLA, we have created tailored packaging and a closed-loop system, which significantly lowers the carbon footprint. We deliver packaging continuously while VOLA returns their used packaging to us. The waste is then introduced to our recycling process and made into new, sustainable products.

Since VOLA’s products require reliable protection, EPS is a great choice. On top of unlimited recyclability, the material can be shaped into any form. Its light weight saves transport costs while the air in the cells offers unmatched shock absorption. Thanks to a collaborative design process, VOLA’s tailored packaging saves installation time and ensures that their products reach customers intact.

”Not only does it keep our products safe during transport, it’s also 100% recyclable.” Says, Jan Steen Jørgensen, Technical innovation Manager at VOLA.


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