Becoming circular

To be a circular business built on renewable energy. Video - Becoming Circular
Our Promise

By 2030, our ambition is to be a circular business built on renewable energy. To achieve our goals, we must succeed with three processes:


is about classic economic efficiency. Focusing on making more of less, using renewable energy


is about keeping the resources in the economy for as long as possible. This means giving products a longer life, either because the product itself lasts longer or because the components can be repaired, upgraded, or reused in new products.


is our vision to go from our current approach of “take-make-waste”, to a more sustainable approach of “borrow-use-return”. This includes designing products that can easily be recycled, and to ensure that the products are collected and recycled after its lifetime.

The strength of this three-part process, is that it emphasizes our goals: use a minimum of resources, keep the resources for as long as possible, and have a minimum of waste and emissions. At the same time, all our activities should preferably be operated using renewable energy.

By 2030 we are committed to:


50% recycled or non-fossil raw materials.

50% non-fossil energy sources (scope 1 and 2).

50% of transport based on non-fossil fuel (scope 1 and 3).

100% of production units ISO 14001 certified.


100% of products produced and/or traded are recyclable.

Engage with customers to explore and identify products with potential to improve circularity through models of reuse.


Collect the equal quantity of raw materials, that we supply to the market each year (with a lifetime less than one year).

Zero waste from production.

Reduce our waste generation and sort out 80% our waste for material recycling.