Suspended Floor Applications

Superior roof insulation solutions, long life and low costs

With the right roof insulation from BEWI you get several benefits. So does your client and the environment


A lighter footprint

Although it’s strong and durable, EPS weighs very little which can reduce transport emissions


Lower heating costs

The excellent insulation performance leads to lower energy consumption from heating


100 % recyclable

Our divisions work together to close the loop and offer recycled EPS

The number one priority: to protect people

Efficient roof insulation leads to low temperature movements and condensation. That in turn helps prevent humidity, mold, dust, noise and air pollution that otherwise may cause harm to people’s health. We also offer grades with improved fire protection, that in turn offer even better insulation

Let’s close the loop

When our insulation products are taken out of active service, we collect them for reuse. At BEWI, all divisions cooperate to lead the way toward a circular economy, and we’re happy to work with you to set up a closed-loop system. That way we can take responsibility for the climate and reduce the carbon footprint of our operations

Let’s get it right

We combine the large company’s muscles with a small business flexibility. Apart from a wide range of roof insulation solutions and products, we’re here to help you get the optimal insulation for your needs. That reduces problems with moisture and mold, increases living space, lets you reduce floor insulation and remove the supply air at the eaves

The right products at the right time

We have the products you need, when you need them