Refrigerated trucks

BEWI insulation keeps your cargo cold
Refrigerated trucks

XPS and EPS solutions that give your refrigerated trucks excellent thermal insulation



Against heat, cold and moisture



XPS and EPS are recyclable


Low weight

Adds almost nothing to the truck’s total weight


Saves energy

Gives you an energy efficient low U-value

Keep cool

Our insulation makes sure that fish, fruit and vegetables, beverages, pharmaceuticals and other temperature-sensitive goods are kept cold when they’re transported in refrigerated trucks. Mainly with XPS foam panels, but also with PUR foam insulation, EPS and other solutions.

Ideal for insulation

XPS has a closed-cell structure without any voids, which gives it more resistant to heat transfer than other insulating materials of the same thickness. The closed-cell structure also means that water can’t get inside XPS and it inhibits the growth of mould and mildew.

Low U-value

The low weight of both XPS and EPS makes it possible to reduce the truck’s total weight. Our XPS and EPS boards can also be specially adapted for a perfect fit. This solution will give a low U-value [the thermal transmittance through material], which saves energy and keeps the cargo cold.

98% air and 100% recyclable

EPS has superb thermal insulation properties against heat, ˛cold and moisture. It’s waterproof, non-toxic and hygienic (fungi and bacteria can’t grow on EPS) – factors that combine to keep food fresh and help lower food waste. EPS is 98% air, which makes it extremely lightweight, and 100% recyclable.

Reduce food waste

Every year more than a billion tonnes of food is wasted in the world. 6% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from food losses and waste. Food that go to waste is also a significant financial loss for businesses. Our solutions will help you lower food waste, avoid unnecessary costs and be more sustainable.